How Much Does It Cost?

Our services are charged on a percentage basis which ensures maximum efficiency.  We don't get paid until you do!

Why Should I Take My Billing Out Of My Office?

Hourly workers don't have the same motivation or incentive. Because we work on a percentage based fee, we will work harder to get you every dollar you have earned.

How Do I Get Paid?

 All payments are handled through your office. You send us check copies and EOBs for our processing and posting.

What Types Of Doctors Do You Bill For?

While we specialize in mental health, we have experience with practitioners of all specializations. 

What Insurance Companies Do You Work With?

If you accept it, we bill it. Plain and Simple.

Are you HIPAA Compliant?

YES! All of our software and servers are HIPAA complaint. We also have HIPAA compliant email.


Contact us for a consultation on your billing needs!